Coordination of functions in different sections of your business ensures maximum resource utilisation and increased levels of productivity in your business. ERP software helps you manage this and ease your coordination work as it significantly increases profit margins.How much should the software cost you?Let us find out together;

What is the cost of installing ERP software?

The cost depends on some factors including;

1.The size of business-Business size determines the number of the software,s users.The price of an ERP software will depend on the number of users and the level of access they need.

2.The number of modules needed-Different businesses has different functions to be performed.The bigger the number of modules/functions, the higher the price.

3.Implementation costs- Once the software is acquired, it needs to be installed to start its operations.The installation cost will affect the overall cost of the system.The software cost is usually less than the implementation charges.Ensure you get an experienced company to install the software and do the necessary training.


The cost of ERP software is dependent on the above-discussed factors.An ideal software and maintenance fee for a small or middle-sized company should cost between $150000 to $750000.This amount may appear huge, but a good software will be worth it.